The Company

R.K. Management- und Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (RKMBG) was founded in 2005 in Baden-Baden and is owned by the Kogeler family. Managing partner is Dr. Ralf Kogeler.

Since its inception, the company has been synonymous for numerous takeovers and the management of companies in various industries. Both majority and minority commitments have been and continue to be pursued and achieved.

RKMBG expressly welcomes the fact that the management of the individual shareholdings is also involved in each company as co-partner so that the management can provide leadership and do business as an entrepreneur.

RKMBG essentially invests its own financial resources (equity capital) and develops a coherent and sustainable financing structure with various credit institutions for each commitment.

Cooperative Ventures

RKMBG has also entered into successful cooperative ventures with private equity houses such as Silver Investment Partners have enabled and continue to enable CO- investments on a deal-by-deal basis for RKMBG.

In the field of high-tech investments, RKMBG cooperates with Brand Promotion GmbH (Austria). Both companies jointly own CMR Group (Vienna/Austria) and Luxinar Ltd. (Hull/UK).

Investment Opportunities

RKMBG offers companies in Europe

  • entrepreneurs and shareholders, often in succession issues
  • company management aimed at an MBO

solutions for a successful, future-oriented and noiseless entry, from complete takeovers through majority shareholdings to minority shareholdings. The aim of its involvement is to always continuously and solidly develop the companies, to strengthen their respective market positions and to keep them in the RKMBG company portfolio in the medium to long term.

Focus of Investments

RKMBG has no industry preference and is currently involved in companies in a wide range of industries in both the B2B and B2C markets in Europe, with some of the companies also having subsidiaries in Asia and America. These include:

  • online and stationary trade in high-quality consumer goods;
  • project services in the B2B market;
  • mechanical engineering for high-tech products;
  • retail and service in automotive industry
  • production and refinement of mineral materials.

The companies in which RKMBG holds majority or minority interests currently generate an annual total turnover of about € 1.3 billion with over 3.000 employees. Taking into consideration the participation rate resulting on a pro rata basis to following numbers for RKMBG:

approx. EUR

Investment Portfolio

Current Investments

Alphartis SE
Crystal Sound
FachWerk Medien- und Gebäudesystemtechnik GmbH
Hitega Präzisionsmechanik
machtart Eventdesign
PTF Kehl
PTF Pfüller
Rock Shop
Schüschke Solid Solutions
VARICOR Solid Creativity

Former Investments
Landbäckerei Sommer
walter services GmbH


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R.K. Management- und Beteiligungs GmbH

Augustaplatz 2
76530 Baden-Baden

Phone.: +49 (0)7221 / 39 78 362
Fax: +49 (0)7221 / 39 78 364

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